DaDaoCheng Wharf Riverside Park

DaDaoCheng Wharf was one of international ports as Danshui¡BMengjia in the past. There are seats locate in the bank of Danshui River, where now becomes the departure place of the Blue Highway to Danshui Fisherman's Wharf. The beautiful park is good for seeing the sunset and the bicycle way is where you can have a walk with your pets. The beautiful Junk in the park was made as it was in 19th century and was used as the trademark on packing for tea in Japanese ruling period.
Address: In the end of Huanhe North Road¡BMinSheng West Road


Tian-Peng Art Village Association
As its' name, Art Village Association is indeed in the roof of a mansion. It was given this name because in 2000, the famous painter, Fu Yin-ping, offered her unused space in the roof to set up a workshop for people who love art. Until now, students in the association can exhibit their works overseas also more and more people come to learn painting here. Besides, Tian-Peng is working on the wall prettification activity of the riverside park recently. It holds various kinds of exhibitions and discussions often and then becomes an Art Village indeed.

Address: No.111 Sec.1HuanheNorth Road Taipei City
Opening Hour
Painting Class: Friday¡BSaturday 14:00~17:00
Gallery: Tuesday to Saturday 11:00~17:00¡]Sunday¡BMonday Closed¡^


DaDaoCheng Art Gallery

Managed by both artists and residents in local community, it is a local art gallery where painting, photography, sculpture, textile design exhibits are regularly hold and discussions give visitors chances to have direct conversations with creators. The president, Liou Siou-mei, has promoted ¡u Citizen Art¡v for years with the goal to make people who have never painted before can started to try and finally become creative. 10 years ago, she started to teach women in DaDaoCheng painting, creation and now earned the impressive result of art. Students' delicate works can be bought inside the gallery.
Address: No.79-3 Xining North Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G14:00~18:00¡] Monday Closed¡^


DaDaoCheng Puppet Centre
DaDaoCheng Puppet Centre collets many precious traditional and foreign puppets. It holds various kinds of puppet shows often and is invited to give performances in Eroupe, America and South-east Asia, therefore indeed plays an important role in promoting Taiwan traditional puppet show and culture. DaDaoCheng Puppet Centre plans to move to Xining North Road in the middle of November, where has bigger space to offer people who love traditional puppet show. more.
Address: 1F No.66 Minle Street Taipei City
Opening Hour¡GTuesday to Saturday 10:00~17:00
¡]Monday¡BSunday Closed¡^

Harry Cat Art Workshop
Although it locates in a small alley, the stylish window setting would attract people who occasionally passed by. It sells handicrafts, pottery, and carpentry. Since every work is handmade, each of them is a unique one in the world. Interestingly, domestic customers like pottery and carpentry most, and Japanese customers like to buy those products, such as cell phone basket, card basket or stamp basket, which made by textile and full of Chinese atmosphere.

Address: No.6 Alley 233 NanJing West Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡GMonday to Saturday 10:30~19:00¡F
Monday 10:30~17:00¡]Open through the year¡^


Taipei Tea Merchants Association

Established in 1889, it is the oldest association in Taiwan that witnessed the wonderful time of Taiwan tea exports and was devoted to promote tea culture. The association possesses many precious historical documents of Taiwan tea, such as, the award won in 1900 for export¡B Taiwan Oolong tea packing papers and the commercial posters. It also has ¡uCha Jiao Ma Zu¡v from FuJian, which is the only one in Taiwan, to be the guardian angel of tea merchants.

Address: 6F No.24 Gangu Street Taipei City
Opening Hour¡GEvery second and fourth Saturdays 9:00~12:00


Bolero Restaurant
Established in1934, it is the oldest western restaurant in Taipei where businessmen liked to discuss their business and men and women liked to have blind dates. The founder gave this name because he likes Maurice Revel's music very much. He not only used an audio facility that cost 1 million Taiwan dollars but also invited the painter, Yan Yun-lian, (aged 83 now) who graduated in Spain to do the whole decoration. Different art styles are well balanced in this decoration and it's still surprising until now.

Address: No.314 MinSheng West Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G11:00~21:30

Jyu-yuan Japanese Restaurant
Jyu-yuan is an old Japanese restaurant that has been established for more than 30 years. Businessmen in DaDaoCheng who used 15 million Taiwan dollars to set it up and there was a famous teashop in the same place. Jyu-yuan had the Japanese style dishes in a set 20 years ago for the first time, and restaurants all over Taiwan started to copy it. It also has personal meal set, meal boxes, especially its special $199 beef, raw fishes lunch sets are welcomed by people who works in the neighborhood. Jyu-yuan has the capacity of about 500 persons and many private rooms.

Address: 3~4F No.300 MinSheng West Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G11:00~14:30n 17:00~21:30


First Chemical

It sounds like a factory which sells chemical machines or materials, however, it actually is the most popular place for cosmetics DIY. Lasted for more than 40 years, First Chemical had sold chemical materials in the early years until the second generation took it over, it started to sell foundational materials of cosmetics, natural extracted oil and dyes. Recommended by the famous master of make up, Niouer, it suddenly became very popular. You can buy any kinds of cosmetic materials in cheap price and enjoy the pleasure of DIY. Besides, various brands of lotions, cleansers, toners and masks are also provided, and Bulgaria Rose Water is No.1 of them.

Address: No.43 Tianshui Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G8:00~18:00 ¡]Saturday until 17:00¡BSunday and Holidays closed¡^\


Jin Chun Fa Beef Restaurant

Established in 1897, more than 100 years-old Jin Chun Fa Beef Restaurant uses high class Taiwan beef to offer various kinds of dishes, such as, soup, noodle. The most popular ones are cattle brain, tomato beef, cattle marrow and beef stirred noodle. Address: No.20 Tianshui Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G11:00~21:30¡]Monday Closed¡^

Ningxia Road Night Market



Li Jia Siang Milkfish

As long as you walk into Ningxia Road Night Market, you can see oyster pancake, oyster noodle, pig liver soup everywhere and ¡uLi Jia Siang¡v milkfish is one that you can't miss. From being the stand to a proper store,¡uLi Jia Siang¡v milkfish has been famous for more than 20 years. Customers don't have to worry about fish bones when enjoying milkfish soups here and the soup goes very well with pork stew rice. Only milkfish freshly taken from ports would be used in Li Jia Siang. Besides soup, they also provide stew, fried fish that you can't miss.
Address: No.60 Ningxia Road Taipei City
Opening Hour¡G11:00am~4:00 am


Chaoiang Tealeaf Park  
Chaoiang Tealeaf Park was a warehouse for tea in DaDaoCheng where tea businessmen to put all those raw teas they just bought. City re-establishment in 2003, here became the first tea industry theme park in Taipei city. The marble pathways in the park are carved tea-producing flows. The whole park is in a beautiful environment also it has a parking lot in the basement and many teashops in both sides.

Address: Between Lane 64and 70 Sec. 2 ChongQing North Road Taipei City